The Leeds Pride 2024 parade will set off outside Leeds Town Hall at 12pm

Leeds Pride encourages entries from individuals through to walking groups of up to 50 people. In addition, vehicle entries are also accepted from motorbike clubs, through to trucks and everything in between.

Booking is subject to the fulfilment of requirements outlined by the Parade Information Pack.

All other relevant information will be emailed to you ahead of the event.

Parade Entry fees

Walking Floats – (Maximum 50 walkers)
•    Voluntary sector – FREE OF CHARGE
•    Private sector (including staff networks for organisations) – £500 (+ VAT)

Vehicle Floats – (Also includes a maximum of 50 walkers)
•    Voluntary sector organisations, charities, unions, statutory sector – £750 (+ VAT)
•    Private sector organisations – £1500 + VAT

Your entry may include:


– Individuals in fancy dress (make sure you are actually able to see in your costume and can walk the whole distance)
– Walking groups (coordinated costumes, established themes, use of banners & props)
– Dancing /Marching Groups (choreographed routines must be able to change pace on request)


– Trucks
– Open Top Buses
– Cars (Branded, Classic and Convertibles)
– Motorbikes / Cycles

To apply please use the link below to our application form. 


Key Information

Date – Sunday 21st July 2024

Time – The parade start time is 12.00. You’ll be will be expected to arrive at least an hour before this.

Parade participants can gather in Millennium Square ahead of the parade. A call will be made on the stage when it is time for you to get to your position. 

Unfortunately specific parade positions cannot be chosen.

Leeds Pride Parade Code of Conduct

Please ensure you are familiar with the information below.

  • Leeds Pride is an event centred around LGBTQ+ Equality, and participants are requested to honour this theme by refraining from promoting causes unrelated to it. Banners, flags, and placards not reasonably connected to the goals of Leeds Pride may not be allowed. Emphasis is on maintaining focus on LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Once the Parade begins, entries should not stop spontaneously but only halt if directed by Leeds Pride officials, emergency services, obstacles in the path, or for safety reasons
  • Items like fireworks, flammable goods, welding, flares, smoke flares, glitter guns, sparklers, and similar items are prohibited due to potential crowd safety concerns, including panic and crushes. Clear communication of these restrictions is crucial to all group members on the day and beforehand.
  • Adherence to Leeds City Council’s guidelines on Litter and Cleaning is mandatory. Unapproved distribution of printed material during the Parade may result in individuals or groups being asked to leave. This includes flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, balloons, stickers, and other promotional materials.
  • As a public event for all ages, the Parade prohibits nudity, simulated sex or acts, or any clothing causing distress. Offensive material, including discriminatory content, is not allowed. Groups denying the rights of others will not be permitted.
  • Comments about specific individuals, beliefs, or political opinions are strictly forbidden, with libel and defamation laws applicable. Religious material is acceptable but must be respectful, positive, and considerate of others’ beliefs. Clearance from Leeds Pride is required for any religious material or imagery.
  • In case of injuries, the Float manager must promptly inform a Leeds Pride Official within 30 minutes after the Parade’s end.
  • The Parade Manager reserves the right to reject any application for participation, and additional rules or restrictions may be imposed.
  • Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may lead to the removal of a group, individual(s), or float from the form-up area or parade route if their behaviour is deemed offensive, poses risks, violates the code of conduct, or hinders parade progress.

Only Leeds Pride is authorised to collect donations.

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Media Accreditation- We appreciate your interest in covering Leeds Pride. To ensure access to the parade route and stage areas, media accreditation is required for all journalists, photographers, and videographers attending the event. Please contact us to apply.

For general media enquiries, please email:

Can I use your logo?

We ask that the use of our logo be reserved for official sponsors and media partners. This helps us to ensure that our logo is not used inappropriately or without our consent. We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us to promote a positive and inclusive message for the LGBTQ+ community.

Can I use your images?

If you wish to use any of our images, please obtain permission from us first and remember to tag us in any of your posts. For access to our image library, please contact us.